“Located in the National Capital Region, ITM University is a boutique university, committed to building competency in engineering, management, law, research and in exploring newer applications of industrial relevance. The University’s value based, inter – disciplinary and industry ready curriculum, quality intellectual faculty resource, dedicated staff, research focus, and a superior enabling and supporting physical and academic infrastructure, makes it the most preferred educational destination. Come be a part of this unique institution. Come take the leap. Admissions Open. Click here to apply…”

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Welcome to ITM University, Gurgaon

We have a sprawling 10 acre campus with vast open spaces. The existing infrastructure has been further enhanced in January 2014 by the addition of an ultra-modern academic block, which has enhanced the growth potential of the University. With a double basement parking, state of the art classrooms, over 460-seater auditorium, seminar rooms and tutorial rooms the five storied building is the envy of most academic institutions.

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Foreign Students

Foreign students are encouraged to study at ITMU. In the past, students from Germany have interned at ITMU and in turn our students go to a number of foreign universities with whom we have tie up. Foreign and Indian students can be seen here collecting water samples from the Yamuna River and carrying out some experiments to test water.

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A Convocation is a red letter day in the life of a student, as after years of hard work and toil, they earn their degrees. The joy and enthusiasm on the faces of the students can be seen as they stream into the pandal for the formal and solemn occasion donning their robes. Their joy knows no bounds when they march up to the dais to receive their degrees.

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With well-equipped laboratories having various machines, tools and equipments required for the different branches of engineering, our students have ample scope to experiment and practically experience what they learn theoretically in the classrooms. Innovation in the laboratories has become part of the ITMU culture and our students come up with new and original ideas.

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Holding of Hands

The crisscross pattern of ACP cladding over metal framework on the upper floor and the open staircase represent ‘holding of hands’ or the ‘unity of the student fraternity’. The angular view of the new Academic Block shows the state-of-the-art architectural style.A glance at the beautiful garden with its fountains playing, through the crisscross pattern and the clear glass at the upper levels, is fascinating. The double glazing with a low emissivity coating is as per international standards

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Alumni Meet

The alumni are the pride of the University and we maintain constant touch with them. We have an active Alumni Association with a vibrant 2000-strong alumni network. Besides a regular Annual Alumni Meet, we have frequent interaction with our alumni, so as to inspire students and alumni to share lifelong commitment, pride, and passion for the University.


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We believe in all-round development of students and provide ample opportunities to them in and outside the classrooms. Life at the university is more than an academic experience.The University provides the physical infrastructure and necessary support for the students to pursue sports, hobbies and co-curricular activities, so as to develop well-rounded personalities.

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A fully automated Library and Information Resource Centre (LIRC) forms the nerve centre of the University, with a comprehensive collection of more than 80,000 books, including the book bank which is continuously extended in line with the introduction of new courses. LIRC also has a collection of 1300 CD/DVDs on various subjects. It has a spacious reading room with a seating capacity of 250.

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Man and Machine

As budding engineers, our students are given ample opportunity to experiment with the existing technology, so as to make man and machine gel as one and work with clockwork precision. Our students not only learn about what exists, but also experiment and carry out research. Their projects included a “Humanoid” robot, designed, modelled and fabricated a Formula-type racing car.

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Regular activities occur on and off campus and are open to all students. The ITMU campus is spirited by the number and diversity of its student’s organizations. Many students' groups are dedicated to community service and social action. The office of students' activities serves as a living-learning centre for students to coordinate a broad range of social, cultural, intellectual, educational and leadership programmes. Students have varied opportunities to participate in the performing arts - in theatre productions, music ensembles or dance groups, or to become involved in committees that sponsor speakers or organize cultural festivals.  Read More

We value the interactions between the university and its surrounding communities, whether these interactions happen through caring for the disadvantaged, sharing with the deprived, educating the illiterate and encouraging the helpless, loving the destitute and donating a little blood , or service learning courses. Programmes for the underprivileged through - Yukti, an organization aimed at enabling others, are regularly held. Blood donation camps and other social welfare activities like charity, visits to orphanages and old age homes, by the students are organized regularly. Students are encouraged to serve the community, with a view to broadening their horizons and inculcating values which can help them grow into role models, both as technocrats as well as caring human beings.

Kindle the entrepreneur in you

The objectives of the E-Cell at ITM University, Gurgaon, are:

  • To shape the entrepreneurial attitudes of the students across the university.
  • To provide possible support/hand-holding to the potential student entrepreneurs i.e. students with entrepreneurial intent.


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