Guest Lecture by Mr Paritosh C Tyagi, AICTE-INAE, Distinguished Professor

Department of Applied Sciences, ITM University, Gurgaon, organized an interactive session on, Environmental Concerns for Engineers, for its students on 4 February 2014. Mr Paritosh C Tyagi, AICTE-INAE Distinguished Professor, was the guest speaker on the occasion. He has worked on secondment in the Planning Commission of the Government of India, Water Department of Republic of Kenya, and the Asian Development Bank. Currently, he is Chairman of the Accreditation Committee set up by the Quality Council of India for Consultants engaged in conducting Environmental Impact Assessment.

Mr. Tyagi focused on the key role of engineers in developmental activities and showed by simple examples and his personal experiences that much of the environmental damage is caused by engineering activities. Therefore, it was imperative that engineers have a moral responsibility to address the environmental issues he said. He stressed that the curriculum of each engineering course needs to be reviewed to incorporate these basic aspects of environmental concerns. He felt that concern for the environment is manifested more by compassion and commitment than by training and knowledge, though training and knowledge are, of course, essential. He said that while we learn about the environment, we should also try to feel for it, only then will we care for it.