Established in 1913, the Association of Commonwealth Universities (ACU) is the oldest inter-university network in the world. Today's ACU combines the expertise and reputation of over ninety years' experience with new and innovative programmes designed to meet the needs of universities in the 21st century.

The ACU is a voluntary organisation, which is registered in England and Wales as a charity (number 314137) and is controlled by its member institutions through an elected Council. Her Majesty the Queen, the Head of the Commonwealth, is the Association's Patron.

ITM University is one of the few Univeristy which has been granted the membership of the association.


Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

To provide our students with real World industrial experience on Global patterns, ITM and Nanyang Technological University, Singapore have entered into a collaboration in the area of Student Industrial / Professional Attachment.

Under this collaboration, ITM shall undertake to arrange student attachments for NTU students with leading companies in India. Similarly, the office of professional attachments at NTU undertakes to arrange student attachments for ITM students with leading companies in Singapore.



University of Leeds, UK

The University of Leeds, U.K (‘The University’) and Institute of Technology and Management, Gurgaon, India (ITM) hereby state their intention to negotiate with a view to entering into a formal academic collaborative link.

In the first instance, the University of Leeds will recognize first-class honours graduates, in relevant disciplines, of Institute of Technology and Management, as meeting the requirements for entry to the University of Leeds ONE year full-time MSc. Programme(s)in the Schools of Mechanical Engineering, Electronic and Electric Engineering and Computer Studies. The University of Leeds shall reserve FIVE seats per year in each of the aforementioned Schools/disciplines of ITM graduates, recommended by ITM faculty. This offer is made subject to the candidates having sufficient funds to meet the cost of tuition fees and maintenance at the University.

The University and ITM are also in the process of articulating and arrangement, whereby the University of Leeds would recognize credits awarded to ITM undergraduate students who may complete part of their undergraduate programme at ITM before transferring to the University for the balance period, at the end of which they would secure a degree awarded by the University of Leeds.

Till such time a formal agreement between the University and ITM is concluded, ITM is permitted to include the text of the foregoing in its Prospectus for Academic year 2000-2001.



SIES-Indian Institute of Environment Management

SIES-Indian Institute of Environment Management, Navi Mumbai (hereinafter referred to as SIES-IIEM) and Institute of Technology and Management, Gurgaon, Haryana (hereinafter referred to as ITM) enter into this Memorandum of Understanding for collaboration in planning, research, development, project implementation, extension, mass communication and continuing education on Environment Management. The specific modes of this collaboration shall include:

ITM will identify opportunities in the National Capital Region (N.C.R.) and its neighbouring states and the two Institutions will jointly take steps to harness these opportunities.

ITM will provide manpower and logistic support for the activities of SIES-IIEM in the NCR and in the neighbouring states.

ITM will arrange training programmes on environment with the technical support and guidance of SIES-IIEM.

SIES-IIEM will provide guidance and support to ITM on educational activities related to environment management for the benefit of ITM students.

SIES-IIEM will provide facilities for training and for project work of ITM students and faculty on mutually agreed terms and conditions.

ITM and SIES-IIEM will mutually identify and undertake joint R&D activities on Environment Management.

SIES-IIEM and ITM will jointly conduct courses for Environment Management Systems Auditors, certified by Quality Council of India, so that, the graduates of these courses are certified auditors for ISO 14000.



NIIT’s Centre for Research in Cognitive Systems

Institute of Technology and Management Sector-23A, Gurgaon 122 017 and NIIT’s Centre for Research in Cognitive Systems (referred to as NIIT-CRCS in this MOU), Synergy Building, IIT Campus, New Delhi-110 016, agree to collaborate in the use of internet as the medium of communication, to promote education and culture; to this end.

NIIT-CRCS and ITM will register the name “Active Journal of (Subject, Discipline)”, nationally and internationally.

NIIT-CRCS and ITM will submit proposals for Internet publication of journals, to government and other sponsors; the journals may use text, audio, video dynamic graphic simulation and other modes of communication. Making each issue as PDF files and making it available through CDROMs, e.mail or even print is included in the scope of the activity.

NIIT-CRCS and ITM, will set up a co-ordinating team with a co-chairman and two members from each organization; this team will have the responsibility for the content, IT related aspects and publication.

NIIT-CRCS and ITM will collaborate with academic groups, societies, associations and academics in Internet publication of journals in specific disciplines and interdisciplinary fields.

NIIT-CRCS and ITM will also explore and harness the use of Internet for literacy mission.

NIIT-CRCS and ITM, will also explore the internet publication of books (published classics) and new ones, using the potential of Internet; literature for neoliterates will also receive attention.

NIIT-CRCS and ITM may consider extending the area of collaboration to other areas of education and culture.

NIIT-CRCS and ITM shall be responsible for their respective cost and neither party shall be responsible to the other for any cost, damages, etc.